How It Works

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1. Choose Your Meals

Order a la carte and spend a bit more or… 

Save 17% on Meals!

Just set up a recurring charge during checkout, minimum $80. The money goes into your digital wallet for you to use to purchase meals and you get subscriber pricing even when you go over your wallet balance! Pause or cancel anytime.



2.We Cook and Deliver

Meals are delivered on

Mondays and Wednesdays

immediately after they are cooked and chilled.   Delivery will be between 2:00 and 5 PM.  Meals are good in the fridge at least 4 days or they can be frozen so why not order several to have on hand!


Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mushroom Risotto

3.Heat 3 Minutes + ENJOY!

Just 3 minutes in the microwave!

Your whole evening is free!

No pots and pans to deal with and no wasteful packaging like you get with the kits! 

No mess.   No waste.   NO BRAINER!!



**Please  order by 1pm the Thursday before your delivery 

(some exceptions are made)

You may order several weeks at once if you would like!

Frequently Asked

A Single Meal (one portion) is 16-20 oz. and serves a hungry adult.

The Family Meal is equal to approximately 3 of our Single Meals and serves 2 adults and 2 kids under age 12 or 3 adults.

Single-               $11.95 ($13.95 if a la carte)

Family Meal-     $29.95 ($34.95 if a la carte)

Soups-               $3.95 (12 oz.)

Desserts-          $3.50 

Muffins-            $1.50 ea or $12 per dozen

Salads-              $Same as Meals


EASY!! Many customers enjoy our meals every day!  We would love for you to feel comfortable having multiple meals delivered EVERY Monday and Wednesday for years and years. Don’t forget, our service is not an added expense because it offsets whatever you were doing instead like groceries and restaurant food.  It’s all abut making lives better and easier.

Definitely!! Dinner delivery is a MUCH appreciated gift for everyone! 

We are working on making this easier but for now, if you have an existing account you will need to edit your address in the Account tab to the address for your recipient’s order. Then just change it back to your address for your orders. Otherwise feel free to call or email and we can make this happen for you.

If you don’t have an account just use the recipient’s address for the delivery address.

No problem! While we love meeting our customers when possible, the drivers often just ring the bell, leave the bag at the door and keep moving. This is because the routes are often very busy and we don’t want anyone to be starving! If you think the meal might sit out a while you could put a cooler out. We also have reusable coolers for $5 Single, $10 Family Meal size. We will provide the ice.


We are very flexible! We want our customers to be happy. After all, the whole purpose of our business is to make life easier. You may put deliveries on hold, add additional meals, change your selections or cancel your recurring plan anytime before 12PM the Sunday before your deliveries. You will never pay for meals you did not get.

Here you go! Our current menu and “How It Works” sheet. Thank you for helping to spread the word!!!

Current Menu

“How It Works”


All of the meals are fully cooked so they just need to be warmed in a microwave or regular oven. Meals are delivered in highly durable plastic containers which can be used in microwaves and dishwashers.  They can be reused by you or recycled. 

**FOR ALL MEALS: Please check to see if the meal contains an item to be removed before heating such as a plastic cup, topping packet or an item in waxed paper. If so, reduce time by 1 minute.

Single Meals:     Microwave: Keep the lid on tight and pop in the microwave 3 minutes on high. Let stand 30 seconds. Feel the outside of the container in the center of the bottom. If it’s not warm, add 30 seconds. 


Oven: Transfer to an oven safe dish and heat covered at 350 degrees approximately 15 minutes until heated. 

Family Meals:     Microwave: Keep the lid on tight and pop in the microwave 4 minutes on high. Let stand 30 seconds. Feel the outside of the container in the center of the bottom. If it’s not warm, add 1 minute.


Oven: Transfer to an oven safe dish and heat covered at 350 degrees approximately 20 minutes until heated. 

Soups:     Microwave: transfer to a microwave safe bowl and cover loosely. Heat on high 1 minute 30 seconds. Stir. Add 30 seconds if not hot.

Egg Selections:     Microwave: Heat on high 1 minute 30 seconds. Add 30 seconds if not hot in the center.

We use as little salt as possible in the meals so generally, YES! Some meals contain soy sauce or cheese etc so they will be higher in salt but we try to keep it very low. That way customers can add salt to their liking.

The meals are delivered in reusable, recyclable dishwasher safe containers that are in a paper bag so we are very green! After many meals, all you have is a small stack of containers instead of the countless plastic bags, cans, boxes and meat packages you end up with when doing your own cooking. And no smelly garbage!!!

We did not design the program as a weight loss plan…BUT, many have lost weight after signing up!

1. When you have fresh meals on hand in the fridge you don’t end up making bad in-the-moment decisions like getting fast food, take-out or delivery. You will likely do well fitness-wise if you enjoy our meals and just cut out other things like desserts and junk food. ALSO

2. You can order the meals with no sauce or sauce on the side and no potato or risotto etc plus extra veg and it makes slim down efforts really easy!! You don’t have to think about what to get at the store and cook etc. We can customize your meal like this!

Delivery is FREE to53004, 53005, 53007, 53012, 53021, 53022, 53024, 53037, 53045, 53074,  53076, 53080, 53090, 53092, 53095, 53097, 53122, 53151,  53202, 53209, 53211, 53213, 53217, 53213, 53214, 53222, 53223, 53226.  Outside of these zips, we can deliver for a small charge. Click here to see all. If you receive your order on Wednesday, you could choose any or all of the 5 recipes listed for the week and get them all in one delivery for one small delivery charge. If you are not in one of these perhaps we can deliver to your work or to a friend’s house.

We are Very Open to your Feedback!

**We strive daily to make improvements so please let us know your thoughts on how we can be better.

Thank you!

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