Kathy Burghardt

As a busy mom, I know how hard it can be to put fresh nutritious dinners on the table every night. It can take up a large precious part of an evening that could be spent enjoying other activities. I found myself getting take out too often for my daughters and it caused anxiety knowing there must be a better way. Dinner should be ENJOYED by all! When I left Burghardt Sporting Goods after 19 years there, I set out to provide a solution for people like me as well as many others.
"Why should someone from EVERY household be out there gathering up ingredients, chopping, cooking, and cleaning up meals that may not even turn out well? Instead a talented chef can make lots of fabulous food and deliver it all over the community! Thats the concept behind Delish Delivered." I mean who wouldn't love to have a fresh, locally prepared meal delivered for $10.95?
This service is wonderful for all types but it's essential for many seniors or anyone having a challenging time due to an illness, injury, death in the family, move, divorce new baby and more. It makes a much appreciated gift!

Our Amazing Team

I most certainly do not deserve all the credit!!!! Aside from myself, as of Spring, 2022 our dedicated staff is made up of 8 kitchen magicians, 9 route drivers and 1 admin assistant. I hope to post more about each of them soon with their approval!

Each and every person on the Delish team cares deeply about our customers and realizes that our efforts are all about making lives better and easier. Of course excellent recipes prepared with care and love along with precise order fulfillment and delivery are the components that make our customers very happy week after week since spring of 2013.